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The healing power of the body's ecosystem


  Sophia Xiao-Colley trained in China with 5-year bachelor’s degree in medicine. I came to New Zealand in 2002, stayed in Auckland till 2011 when we moved up to Whangarei. 

  The human body is an ecosystem, like a tree or a fish pond. It cans rectify (heal) itself, if we provide it with the right conditions, such as: Sun, air, water, minerals, peace, adequate exercise, enough rest, etc. The human body is a natural ecosystem. It has the equilibrium force within itself to maintain health. 

  We are the beings in human experience, not just the physical body. The body is the vehicle which we as beings used to experience being and master the art of balance.

  Balance means health in Rongoa Maori and traditional Chinese medicine. Even the conventional medicine is working to achieve balance at the measurable bio-chemical level.

  All treatments are interventions to the human body ecosystem. Acupuncture is the lest harmful physical intervention to the human body ecosystem. 

  We create more of those we focused on. Focus on wellness or illness has guided us towards different outcomes. It is time to shift our health focus from illness prevention to wellness cultivation. 

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