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Health is SIMPLE

Health is SIMPLE

Health is SIMPLEHealth is SIMPLEHealth is SIMPLE

Your body is a unique ecosystem. It can heal itself. 

Our vision: Happy healthy people living on the peaceful clean Earth. 

Health can be SIMPLE for you too.

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Sophia Xiao-Colley

  The more I study health, the more I realize the incredibility of the body's design and its power to heal itself.

 Sophia (CEO of Desan Health) is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, wellness expert, acupuncturist, author, holistic advocate, and originator of the Human Body Ecosystem Model and its related courses. She has been working in holistic medicine for over two decades and has been a firsthand witness to the unique messages and miraculous power within a human body. 

Partner with a healthy body

  We are beings in our bodies to experience this three dimensional Earth. Our body is our best partner on Earth. We must listen to its wordless communications. 

Health is SIMPLE

  Health is SIMPLE is the foundational course for those restoring a happy partnership with their unique human body ecosystem. It distills Sophia’s training and experience into a 6-module user-friendly video courses for anyone looking to re-awaken or intensify their healing power within…by doing less. 

Survey: your chances of being healthy in the future.