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 "Sophia has a fantastic approach to treating the whole of you, I would highly recommend her to everyone, such a sunny and happy soul who helps your body get back to being a healthy ecosystem 💜💜💜💜" 

 "Sophia is truly amazing and a wonderful healer. She has helped me to get rid of asthma, fix my feet, lose weight, balance my energy and overall has helped me get my body back to health. She is wise, and listens, and helps teach you how to manage your own body to be in the best possible health. I cannot possibly say enough good things about her, and would happily and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone :) " 

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Emotional Wellbeings

 "For many years I have been hampered or held back emotionally by a relationship that was never resolved.  Even though I knew this was happening, I couldn't prevent the same old thought patterns from intruding on an almost daily basis.
The day after I had the treatment I was aware that something had changed in my head.  Things were back in perspective, I felt clear-headed and I had a real sense of energy and purpose.
It's some weeks since that treatment but the positive feelings are in no way diminished.  I have not sunk back into those old ways and I know I never will.
So, thank you very much for making it possible for that to happen."

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Digestive issues

"I just wanted to let you know that before seeing you my stomach was so sensitive.  It had been for about a week – every food was disagreeing with me.  This morning I woke up to a quiet stomach – no rumbling at all.  Amazing results so quickly!"

"I loved my treatment with Sophia. Even at my worst, she offered blissfull relief. Thank you, Sophia. Cx

Sophia is the greatest. My IBS is better from 1 treatment with her. Not healed, but so much better. Can't wait for my next treatment. Cxxx"

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Pain Management

 "Sophia is AMAZING, a miracle worker! I usually deal with pain in my back when I pinch a nerve to the point of not being able to lift my arm and get pain when inhaling, lasting for up to two weeks, but within minutes of her treatment the pain disappeared, instant relief! Thank you so much I will recommend you to anyone willing to listen. " 

" No headaches since I saw you last. "

"A true healer
I consulted Sophia for pain management while I schlepped for six months from chiropractor to doctor to osteopath etc etc, all of whom seemed to have their own agenda which overshadowed my treatment. Sophia was the only one who cared about me and my pain. After several visits Sophia tried a new joint release technique she had recently learned, from her ongoing investment in her own education, and IT WORKED! I am so grateful that she listened to me and that she really cares about her patients. I rate her 10 out of 5."

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"Hi Sophia, I wanted to let you know how much better my knee is feeling today. I am stretching and exercising it much more easily. So thank you very much. I hope it is well on its way to healing."

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 "I started going to Sophia for shoulder problems that I wanted to solve holistically. She did the initial set of treatments and I noticed a significant improvement in my shoulder symptoms, but also on a deeper level. There are different layers/levels that acupuncture works on and within. Through certain points, Sophia influenced more of a deeper level that was underlying to my superficial issues. By working with and influencing these points Sophia successfully managed a number of issues for me holistically. I now continue to see Sophia for more maintenance treatments. I am very happy with the results I get from the treatments. " 

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