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acupuncture gift voucher

Acupuncture gift voucher

Acupuncture Gift Vouncher

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A unique gift for your loved ones! Acupuncture is the less physical impact intervention for the individual unique human body ecosystem. The gift voucher is valid for both initial and follow-up treatments. Help your loved one to start the healing journey with Sophia. 


Health is SIMPLE online course

Health can be SIMPLE for you

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  With this 6 module course, you will learn how simple to have a healthy body as your best partner in your life journey on Earth.


Fertility Retreat

Fertility Retreat

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  Health is Simple; being a parent is simple too. Base on the nearly 100% success rate of fertility treatments, we designed a unique fertility treatment with a 2-night accommodation at Pataua. 

  All included, pack your bags and get ready to be a parent.