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Health is SIMPLE


  Under the microscope, we have so many microorganisms live in our body, and it is part of you too. The human body is a natural ecosystem.
 Everything in nature thrives in their best form.

 Everything in nature can rectify itself within a specific limit.
 The microorganisms in your body response before your human cells when we exposed to a pathogen. 

  The body is complex, being healthy is simple. 

Public Speech - Healing power of body's ecosystem


  Sophia is available for corporate, community, or medical industry speaking engagements on the Human Body Ecosystem Model, foundational practices for Health is SIMPLE, and adjustment in medical practices from illness prevention to wellness cultivation.  

6 Saturday course at CEW


Community Education Whangarei will host the first 6 Saturday courses if there is enough booking. Total cost for the 6 module course in person is same as the online course, NZD$150. 

I will offer the public speech "Healing power of the body's ecosystem" as free introduction at the beginning of term 4. 

Online Course


Learning from the ancient wisdom and through a personal journey, Sophia designed Health is SIMPLE 6 modules course which is suitable for everyone. 

 In Health is SIMPLE you will learn both practical and philosophical adjustments for:

·      Sleep for increased energy

·      The greatest missing element in our diets

·      The easy path to a peaceful mind

·      The role of love in wellness

·      The perfect amount of exercise

·      The way you heal the environment by healing yourself

·      Insights and details about the Human Body Ecosystem Model

For purchase in the course, you will have exclusive access to:

·      the course videos and transcript

·      complimentary worksheets to further explore your relationship with your body around each unit

·      a live Q&A session with Sophia (within a month of course purchase)

OBGYN and Family Planning


  Women's health is important to us.  

 You know your body has healing power and that it is your nature to thrive, but you’re not sure how to support it. This is common for most modern people. Many of us have lost connection with our bodies’ wordless messages and are confused by all the contradictions in medical advice.

  Let me share with you the foundations that will help make a happy healthy life easier. The course is called Health is SIMPLE, and it is! If you follow the suggestions of this course you will be well on your way to developing a loving relationship with your unique body ecosystem, your best partner in life. 

 Health is simple, fertility is nature. We provide fertility retreat for couples looking for an alternative to IVF.